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What an amazing experience! Our 9/10 year old son has a lot of anxiety especially with dental work. Dr. Seth has done so much to work with our son to ease the process. At times he has had to use alternative methods to accommodate our son to achieve the results needed to give him an amazing smile. So glad we made the choice to come to Ernstberger Orthodontics, the entire staff is extremely friendly and very caring.

  • Jill E.

From the get-go, this place will have you feeling like family. Very welcoming environment and the people make you feel like your at home. Dr.Seth got me in-and-out of braces in under the projected time frame. He thought it would be around 2 years, but I was out of them by around 16 months. They do a great job and there's no way to express my gratitude to Dr.Seth, as well as his team of well rounded, funny, awesome individuals!

  • Nick R.

First off I have to say THANK YOU to this amazing office. They have gave me a confidence that I never thought I'd have. Being 20 years old, trying to start my career, I wasn't too excited about a mouth full of metal braces. Thankfully they were able to offer me clear braces which worked out perfectly. They worked with me financially and helped me find a payment plan that fit my budget. The staff went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable during all of my visits, and I honestly felt like they became my friends. The office it's self is so CLEAN and inviting. I don't think I have ever smiled bigger since the day Dr. Seth removed my braces. I recommend this place to any and every one.

  • Felicia C.

Absolutely Love the staff! Such a wonderful atmosphere. It was so nice at each visit everything was explained what was going on and what was going to come when my son returned to his next appointment. Would definitely recommend to anyone 🙂

  • Melanie H.

Dr. Seth and his staff have left quite an impression on me. I commend them for their great care and attentiveness to me while in their care. I highly recommend Ernstberger Orthodontics to anyone and everyone looking for a great smile - they will certainly make it happen!

  • Jerry B.

There are not enough words to describe the amazing care that Dr. Seth and his staff show. From introductions to appointments, WE ARE TREATED LIKE FAMILY! Dr. Seth Ernstberger and his WHOLE TEAM are amazing! They are kind, always helpful, and compassionate about helping your smile from good to healthy and FABULOUS! THANK YOU for caring so much!!! You guys are the best! The Royal Family

R R.

Dr. Seth Ernstberger and his staff are very friendly and professional. Dr. Seth cares about each of his patients, and he gave us excellent care and service. They always made sure my sons were comfortable and explained everything they were going to do. Our appointments were always on time. The office is clean and enjoyable with snacks, drinks and Christian music. I have two sons that had a great experience!

  • Cheryl

Love the staff and atmosphere at Ernstberger Ortho! I came to Ernstberger in the Fall/Winter of 2014 looking for a way to straighten my teeth in about a year’s time. I had recently gotten engaged and wanted to smile with teeth, for the first time ever, for my wedding pictures, which would be September 2015. After discussing the options, they got me setup with invisalign right away. I was able to smile with confidence for my wedding pictures! Thank you Ernstberger Ortho team!

  • Abby D

I have been beyond pleased with Ernstberger Orthodontics! Dr. Seth and his staff are genuine, joyful, and very helpful! I am consistently left encouraged after each visit. The staff goes above and beyond simple dental care, and it shows in the way that they treat each patient that walks in the door! I am very grateful to go here!

  • Rachel W.

This place is simply amazing. The staff are so caring and sweet. When I got my braces off I had to take my 7 month old and of course he gets fussy. The staff first asked if they could hold him and then played with him the entire time I had a such a great experience!

  • Katie M.

Ernsthberger Orthodontics has the most compassionate and energetic staff that I have ever seen! Dr. Seth and the team make the process so easy while also making your teeth look amazing. If you're looking for an orthodontist to take great care of you and make you feel at home, Ernsthberger is the place to be! I can't say enough great things about Dr. Seth and the experience as a whole. They've been such a blessing for the past 6 years and I'm so appreciate of them!! You won't regret going there for your smile!

  • Juston B

This group of people who are staff are great and very sweet. Dr. Seth is so personal and great with the experience my daughter had in the office every time. I could not have ask for a better place to care and do the braces for my daughter. She has loved coming in to have a new change each time with her treatments. Love the sign in Technic, the promptness in the appointments that were made, also the information on the length of time the appointment would take. Dr. Seth is a wonderful orthodontist and really cars about his patients, he shows this with his character for the love he has for what he does. Thanks you for making our experience a great one.

  • Rose H.

My daughter just got braces on and so far I am very pleased with Ernstberger Orthodontics. Dr Seth and his staff are so friendly, nice and very helpful. I look forward in them providing the care for my daughter's teeth so that my daughter can have that "Movie Star" smile. Love Dr. Seth and his office staff!

  • Ellen S.

Dr. Seth and his staff have been so wonderful to me! They made this short adventure of having braces, a very, smooth and easy process! They provide a level of comfort you won't find anywhere else! Thank you all for my new smile!!!

  • Sonia B.

Fantastic staff who are very caring and efficient. Dr. Seth is wonderful. Kids and adults love him. We have had two family members under his care and the outcomes of both are outstanding. Highly recommend this business.

  • Elaine L.

I literally cannot say enough good things about Dr. Seth and his entire staff! They are always so friendly and caring towards their patients. A few times I have to bring my three toddlers to appointments with me and they welcomed them with opened arms which was such a relief to me! I was also very impressed with how quickly they get you back once you've signed in.

  • Marcy G.

I highly recommend Ernstberger Orthodontics. They are friendly, conservative, comforting, knowledgeable, and accommodating. We had a great experience for my 11 year old son. He was afraid when he went the first time. They made him feel comfortable and excited to return.

  • Roxanne S.

What a great experience... Everyone so so friendly and nice.. everything was explained, questions were answered and Kody is so excited to get a new smile!! Thank you Dr. Seth and all Your lovely staff.

  • Georgena W.

Braces off today!! Dr. Seth gave us a customized experience! He worked with my daughter in two separate stages (first stage for immediate cosmetic issues, second stage for the actual teeth-straightening). He listened to our concerns and formulated a plan that worked beautifully for us! The staff was friendly and helpful, so that our visits were always good ones.

  • Julie F.

It is hard to find the words to describe the last 18 months. Professional, fun, and a fantastic experience. I never thought I would look forward to orthodontist appointments, yet these gifted folks make you feel like family. Absolutely the best!

  • Mark T.

My family loves Ernstberger Orthodontics! Dr. Seth is superior in the orthodontic field and an exceptional team leader! The staff is outstanding, upbeat, and friendly. They answer all of our questions, are very encouraging, and provide a healthy positive atmosphere!

Tiffany S.

Both of my daughters go to Dr. Seth. Their teeth look great. One of my daughters got her braces off today, and the other one should get hers off in April. Everyone who works there is so friendly. I highly recommend Ernstberger Orthodontics.

  • Lori H.

Friendly staff, excellent service and expert care! They made the process as easy as could be. The staff was always friendly and helpful. Dr. E is the best.

  • Angie K.

Dr. Seth and his staff are awesome!!!!! They are very knowledgeable and friendly. I was in braces for 9 months and I love my results! I would definitely recommend Ernstberger Orthodontics for people of all ages!!!

  • Emily S.

What an amazing experience! Our 10 year old son has a lot of anxiety especially with dental work. Dr. Seth has done so much to work with our son to ease the process. At times he has had to use alternative methods to accommodate our son to achieve the results needed to give him an amazing smile. So glad we made the choice to come to Ernstberger Orthodontics, the entire staff is extremely friendly and very caring.

  • Jill E.

Can't express how happy we are with Dr. Seth and his staff. Hayden has a long road ahead of him but has never complained and loves to talk to Dr. Seth. Looking forward to many more years fixing his fabulous smile.

  • Trina E.

My second set of braces (due to me having some teeth missing naturally, prepping for implants) and my teeth look fantastic! While our main goal wasn't cosmetic, I know my teeth look even better than they did after my first set!

  • Mackenzie R.

I just have to say how much I love this place! They really made us feel right at home! The staff went above and beyond for us and especially for my 6 year old daughter. I felt completely comfortable sitting back with my keurig French vanilla coffee while my daughter went to the restroom and was shown around. As a busy mother, the fact that I could find relaxation at an orthodontist place was pretty amazing! The pictures of The Ernstberger's family on the wall gives another personal touch that really makes you feel apart of a family. Seth of course was absolutely wonderful! He is very knowledgeable and explained to both my daughter and I what to expect. I love it when my daughter is included in a discussion and talked to like a person. We left with parting gifts of a great bag and cups with lids that we've been using to go hiking with. I never thought I would feel so good leaving an orthodontist, but most importantly my little girl is excited about all of this which could've been other wise scary. Thank you Seth for creating such a nurturing environment.

  • Nicole S.

Dr. Seth and his crew are absolutely amazing! They are super friendly and really try hard to make each and every person feel special. A BIG special THANK YOU to Melissa F. , from the first day you really made my daughter feel at ease and special. I was totally amazed at the final results of my daughters teeth. Highly recommend Dr. Seth and his staff!

  • Susie S.

The employees at Ernstberger Orthodontics are fantastic our experience was beyond they go out of their way I am so glad that we went there imagine that going to somewhere else there is always someone to answer your question and we were there for about 2 hours to get a full set of braces on and answer so many questions was such pleasing answers could not imagine you going anywhere else

  • Loretta S.

We saw Dr. Seth in the Batesville location and the office always ran like clockwork. The staff and Dr. Seth were always cheerful and professional. The end result, after only 13 months of braces, is absolutely beautiful. And, Dr. Seth educates the kids along and the way and stresses the importance of good dental hygiene, and the kids take him seriously!

  • Angie M.

We love Dr. Seth and his amazing team!! They are so personal and truly care about making sure our daughter has beautiful teeth to match her beautiful smile. When we learned she made the Homecoming court, Dr. Seth even worked us in a few days early so she could show her new straight teeth in all her pictures! Thank you Dr. Seth and Team!

  • Cindy S.